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“So you want to know about The Continent, eh?

Now then, gentle reader, let’s approach my manuscript in a little more detail.

The pages grouped in this section are drawn from the notes I took during my sojourn in Dortin. Here you will find a detailed description of the city, including Neighborhoods, Famous Places and Landmarks, The Streets and of course Where to Shop, Where to Eat, and How to Get Healed, as well as a discussion of The History of Dortin. I’ve also told what I know of The Subterrane, though if you know what’s good for you, you’ll avoid it altogether. While on that subject, I am afraid that relations between The Races are still a bit fraught, as well. However, the city is quite progressive about Women and Alternative Sexualities.

Having spent years in the city, I don’t mind saying I’ve become something of an expert on the Government and Politics of the frontier (you should pay special attention to the many Armed Groups that roam the streets), as well as her Economy and Trade, which has been good to me, as I must admit.

As long as you’ll be staying in Dortin, you might as well Get A Job. But I certainly hope you never have to find out how Magic or Psionics work!

Finally, though my knowledge is less detailed outside the city, I have included much about the rest of The Continent, including The Empire That Was, The North, The Native Areas, and The Rest of The World. The History of The Continent is particularly interesting.

Then there is The Greatest Question of All.

Now, gentle reader, may your researches be fruitful.

Telerick of Amandiem"
(manuscript penned at the Runic Working Group, Street of Scribes, Faldoth)

Main Page

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