River Tower

The partially Elven city of The Northern Kingdom, on the eastern plain just north of The Feywash. River Tower is fantastical to behold, because the city is made of Elven Glass, a unique building material with the appearance of crystal and the strength of steel. Enormous ‘treehouses’ of this glass, built to mimic a natural forest canopy, alternate with more mundane towers of stone and wood, all connected by a vast three-dimensional network of narrow, vertiginous crystal walkways and rope suspension bridges made of cords braided as thick as a man’s waist. On a sunny day the spires of River Tower can be seen glittering on the horizon from hundreds of miles away.

The city was grown by the Elves in the remote past and was already a home to thousands in the time of the First Fleet. Only the Elves know their history before that, but they entered the chronicles of the south when they began to give shelter and farmland to fugitive Lightskins streaming north after deserting from Imperial armies. This process began as soon as there were Lightskins in the armies of Amandiem but reached its height in the fifth century. As a result the lands around River Tower, once a landscaped prairie thinly populated by Elven bands, soon became a region of mixed-race freeholders on small family farms.

The arrival of Slian the Bull in the region of River Tower ended the isolation of the Elves and triggered a diaspora that continues today. The founder of The Northern Kingdom did not attack River Tower but compelled the Elves to join his federation by offering initially favorable economic terms. Thereafter, River Tower was occupied by Lightskinned garrisons, flooded with new traders and settlers, and today has become a majority human city.

Elves have long lifespans and many were unhappy to see their city change so ‘quickly’. The discontented began to emigrate, to Lannoch, Tuvoth and points north but mostly to Tors and Dortin, where they established their own ethnic enclave of Treetown. Even today a sizable number of Dortin’s Elves were born in River Tower.

A caravan route exists to bring Elven goods from the city south across Tuvoth to The Big Lake.

River Tower

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