“The major neighborhoods of Dortin are as follows, dear reader.

These boundaries matter, a lot. A visitor once described Dortin as ‘not so much a city as a collection of sovereign neighborhoods, surrounded by a rabble.’ Indeed, under the peace deal that ended the last civil war, the principle of sovereign neighborhoods in in force. The families control certain parts of town and suffer no challenges. Ways of life might be very different on opposite sides of the street. For example, many Natives live openly in Treetown, but a Native walking down the street in Soldiers’ Beach might be beaten or hanged.

The ‘rabble’ is the population of The Free Neighborhoods and The Ruins, which surround the city. Life is hard here, but cheap."

Baron’s Square
The Docks
The Mixed Neighborhood
Surfers’ Beach
The Free Market
The Free Neighborhoods
The Ruins
Saints’ Fountain
The Bottom
The Valley
Orchard Hill
Soldiers’ Beach
The Headland
The Merchant Halls
The Industrial Trades Neighborhood


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