Famous Places and Landmarks

“Dortin is a strange place, gentle reader, filled with twists and turns.

One should know what one is getting into. In addition to Where to Eat, Where to Shop, How to Get Healed, The Streets, the city’s Neighborhoods, and of course The Subterrane, here is a list of the other places I have visited there.

Sadly I cannot report much about the grand ‘Country Houses’ on Orchard Hill, vacation homes and pleasure cottages owned by The City Fathers and their families. The balls, fetes, and social occasions that take place there between the city’s upper crust are simply not to my taste, dear reader. Editor’s Note: He wasn’t invited. If you wish to know what goes on behind those ivy-covered walls of privilege, you will have to score an invitation yourself!"

Alaster Docks
Arman Brothers Publishing House
Arman Dock
Bent Compound
Bent Dock
Halfling House
Imperial Book Depository
Imperial Foundling Home
Imperial Military Academy
Karel Castle
Karel Dock
Leigh Dock
Melanton Dock
Molly and Sadie’s House
Morgan Compound
Morgan Dock
Morgan Ferry
Morgan Lighthouses
Orchard Hill
Printer’s Palace
Public Boat Launch
Restored Piers
The River Dortin
Ruined Piers
Soldiers’ Palace
Soldier Park
The Bardhall
The Baron’s Mansion
The Big Lake
The Dacha
The Fighting Pits
The Kahuna Tree
The Racetrack
The Dog Track
The Peninsula
The No Questions Asked Slaughterhouse
The Stockade
Watch Headquarters
Wesley Dock
Wesley Hall
Wesley Shipyards

Famous Places and Landmarks

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