The Bent family, whose manor is Bent Compound, are the least active of all Dortin’s oligarchs. The family’s wealth dates from the third century when an ancestor cleared monsters and Native villages from Grand Isle and settled there to farm. The whole island became a Bent plantation, producing great profits. Later members of the Bent family built The Grand Hotel there in the fifth century and operated it as a resort for the wealthy. Their first clientele were the Continental aristocracy of The Continental Empire. After the War of 600, the hotel was patronized mainly by wealthy Lightskins of The Northern Kingdom, and since the Northern War the family has made plenty of money catering to adventurers and the idle rich of the frontier.

The family name goes back to the fifth century in the city itself. After the hotel became lucrative, Dortin had grown into a large city and an attractive place to invest, which drew many Bents to the mainland, where they purchased property lavishly. This money has enabled generations of Bents to live in extravagant style and distribute generous largesse to their favorite neighborhoods and institutions.

Despite their wealth and longevity, the Bents were not among the first group of City Fathers because they weren’t well thought of as patriots. During the War of 600 and again during the civil wars, the family often fled the city for Grand Isle and returned only when things calmed down. Other families that stayed and fought were lionized by those they defended, and so the Bents continued to be denied political power until the tenth century, when The Concordium finally removed the bankrupt Wesley family from power. This coincided with an influx of Bents back into Dortin, and the wealthy clan seemed a logical choice to replace them. Since then the Bents have taken a very relaxed attitude to the city’s affairs, generally voting in favor of the status quo through their current dissolute patriarch, Tillman Bent.

Bent Dock sees very little traffic, mostly pleasure craft.


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