The Continent

Introduction Day

A simple little adventure for the first day!

Today is race day at The Racetrack and your characters have decided independently to spend a day at the track. You’ve heard that the promoters are sponsoring an amateur race now and think you might be able to get yourself hired as one of the jockeys and make a little spending money, since the purse is 400 gold. Through sheer luck you will find yourselves taking the same route to the track. You all turn down the same side street for a shortcut when you find a group of six teenagers beating up on an old lady in the nearly deserted street. The victim’s face is concealed by a hood, but she’s on the ground feebly protecting herself from punches and kicks as the teens laugh and shout abuse. A few of them look drugged, and the ringleaders have tattoos that you think might be gang related. Are you gonna help or what?


KevinHenehan KevinHenehan

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