The Continent is a gritty urban setting with a late Renaissance feel, taking place in an ancient but rapidly modernizing metropolis, once part of a decadent, racist Empire but now divided into neighborhoods ruled by an oligarchy of wealthy families whose word is law. Magic is persecuted and demihumans are despised and herded into ghettos. Halfling gangsters battle brutal paramilitaries for control of lucrative rackets, rural insurgents terrorize the roads into the countryside, a vast and decaying undercity ruled by a demented force lies just below the streets, and wretched Natives eke out a living in ruined city blocks, keeping to the shadows to avoid pogroms while their outlawed Druids plot to avenge centuries of defeat. Sex is power, and the influential wield it with a free hand in the libertine neighborhoods of the upper classes, indulging exotic and depraved vices while an illegal trade in magic flows everywhere. An ancient doomsday artifact lies lost and forgotten on a merchant’s shelf while the one man who could rightfully wield it sits brooding under house arrest, pondering the wrongs done to his family. Corporate merchants, backed by the oligarchs, attempt to crush their nimble smaller competitors, while the independent craftsmen fight back with clever inventions that stretch the limits of the law. Distraction is everywhere, from street food, a dozen wildly different taverns, gambling, pit fights, and horse races. History is alive, politics lethal, business lucrative, and the adventures will be unbelievable. Hundreds of locations, more than sixty detailed NPC’s and over a dozen factions to choose from. Are you ready? Then open the book before you and read…

“In the name of the Empire That Was, I greet you with peace.

My name, gentle reader, is Telerick of Amandiem, and the book you hold in your hands is The City of Dortin. It is the tale of my time in that vast and rotten metropolis of the north, the city of a thousand tall tales, Dortin, both gilded and ruined at once. I have no idea of your identity, gentle reader, not the year nor the land in which you have encountered my tale, but I can assure you that my recollections are as accurate as can be, fantastic though the details may seem to a civilized person.

My observations, gentle reader, can be found in the Wiki section. You may wish to use the Adventure Log to record your own. The strange folk of Dortin, at least those worthy of a gentleman’s notice (and a few who definitely are not) I have described in the Characters section. Dortin is a place of cutthroat commerce as well, gentle reader, so keep a close eye on the coin in your purse and make frequent reference to the Items section to learn what a young man or a lovely lady may buy in the street. Do refer to the Maps of the city as well, since the draftsman charged me quite a bit for them.

I am afraid I must insist that you read through each page completely before following the hyperlinks therein. I cannot abide scatterbrained people. Finally, do pronounce my name correctly. One says tuh-LAIR-ick, not any other.

Despite my meticulous scribblings, if you are the sort of person who prefers a ‘quick and dirty’ introduction, as it were, I beg you to consult The Player’s Introduction.

Throughout these pages, you will find remarks in my own voice always enclosed by quotation marks. Otherwise, the voice is that of your Dungeon Master.

Welcome then, gentle reader, to The Continent.


Telerick of Amandiem"
(manuscript penned at the Runic Working Group, Street of Scribes, Faldoth)

The Continent

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