Telerick of Amandiem

Historian and Travel Writer


Telerick of Amandiem, traveller and historian, is one of the founders of the Runic Working Group, an institute devoted to the production of a ’people’s history’ of The Continent.


In their youth, Telerick and his fellow Lightskinned scholars in the city of Amandiem became frustrated by the prevalence of racially biased works obsessed with Continental genealogies and brooding upon the decline of The Empire That Was. The Runic Working Group was established as an institute to produce mass-market, accessible, and entertaining histories and anthropologies that challenge the orthodoxy of Continental superiority. Faldoth is their second home, having been expelled from the capital city years ago. Telerick himself is best known for The City of Dortin, a master travelogue and love letter to the northernmost city of The Empire That Was, gleaned from his years of residence as a young man. In Dortin itself, Arman Brothers Publishing House enjoys exclusive distribution of this hugely popular work and other lesser-known tracts produced by the Runic Working Group.

Telerick of Amandiem

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