The Continent

October 12th, 2014
Introductory Day

Adverturers start out headed to a horse race, are sidetracked by six thugs beating up what looks to be an old lady. 2 ring leaders and 4 drugged thugs, all killed and looted except one ring leader (allowed to run off by Ragnar) and one drugged thug (bound and stashed nearby underground). Jak made a contact with the “old woman” who was actually a young Native servant of House Karel named Trig. Looted the drug called “Tanbrosh.” Trig gave Jak a charm to call upon Trig’s husband if the group is ever in need of help. Fearing magic, Jak handed this off to Maereid later in the game. The thugs were on the way to take a job at Leighfield, so the adverturers follow the lead.

At Leighfield, Jak made another contact, a musician named Lenvers, and after dancing to his music to distract the crowd, gave all proceeds (18 gold) to Lenvers rather than keep her half (which will feed his family for a couple months). Silva leigh, naked, with two naked guards, walk through the crowd to the entrance. Silva (a consort of Mollie and Sadie) recognizes Jak, and invites the party inside, dismissing the crowd who were standing in line for the job. Job: rid a neighborhood in The Valley of large insect-type monsters, investigate source, 2000 gold. Don’t do anything that will trace back to Leigh Family.

At The Valley, several people are willing to speak of the monster-insects. Favorite sources hypothesized are the Underground, the restless Natives, and a house that has been abandoned for a couple weeks while the family is on vacation. Investigate house. House is unkempt with fruit rotting on the ground from fruit trees, 2 horses in the stables, well cared for. House is owned by Karels, who are anti-magical, but have several magical devices (torches that burn without heat and do not go out). Also, several markings in Sarnguard Battle Language that read “magical,” “magical danger,” and in the cellar, “home.” SUSPICIOUS. In the receiving room (which is being used as a storage room), there are several crates, etc. with human bones/skulls and several books. 3 halfling-sized spiders descend from the chimney and attack, are killed. 3 poison sacs collected, in possession of Meareid. 1 wand dubbed “magical” in Sarnguard stashed by Jak.

In the kitchen, there is bread baking. Upon investigating cellar, a female rogue-ish crossbow user attacks upon sight. After tumbling around in and out of sight, she leads Jak and Maereid outside, then tumbles back in, locking them out. Jak failed the lock check on the door. Successfully opens lock to the tower.

In the tower, Jak and Meareid are attacked by three centipedes in the chimney, all killed and poison sacs collected. Rogue-ish female also defeated, knocked unconscious and looted. Maereid gains 1 masterwork crossbow with blue (Karel) embellishments. Jak warns her to have it re-done in other colors, or to hold on to it as proof of Karel support (as she is a Native). Large crate in the first floor tower room overflowing with pebbles/rocks. A few of them grabbed for safe-keeping.

In the pantry, two dogs are dead. Cleanly sliced open throats.

In the down-stairs bedroom (smallest), letters describing how Edwin, the apprentice of two secret spell researchers, Benet and Aries, has been mistreated. Contacted by a druid who will give him power to kill Benet and Aries in exchange for using the home as a safehouse. Agrees. Druid should arrive today to set up/make indiciative markings for his people. Weasel rescued. Edwin arrives, attacks using magic. Room is burned. Edwin is killed. Mairead loots a set of keys.

(Continue with the cellar)

Introduction Day
A simple little adventure for the first day!

Today is race day at The Racetrack and your characters have decided independently to spend a day at the track. You’ve heard that the promoters are sponsoring an amateur race now and think you might be able to get yourself hired as one of the jockeys and make a little spending money, since the purse is 400 gold. Through sheer luck you will find yourselves taking the same route to the track. You all turn down the same side street for a shortcut when you find a group of six teenagers beating up on an old lady in the nearly deserted street. The victim’s face is concealed by a hood, but she’s on the ground feebly protecting herself from punches and kicks as the teens laugh and shout abuse. A few of them look drugged, and the ringleaders have tattoos that you think might be gang related. Are you gonna help or what?

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